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What do I do if I want to get a B-Sync service?

  • We will book a time and day convenient for you.

B-Sync Service, what is a "B" Service?

    • The Maintenance MinderTM found in Honda vehicles monitors a number of variables to determine when the time is right for you to bring your Honda to a Honda dealership. When the remaining service life of your engine oil reaches 15%, you will be alerted on your dashboard by a "service due soon" message. Along with this message, a wrench symbol and a letter (A or B) indicating the required service type will appear. Depending on the mileage at the time of your required oil change, additional required maintenance items indicated by a numeric sub-symbol (1-6) will also appear. These sub symbols are accumulated between oil change intervals in order to make it convenient for you to properly maintain your Honda.
    • A "B" Service refers to the most common service required by your Honda and it goes beyond an oil change such as inspecting, servicing (removing debris and corrosion and lubricating key areas) and a visual inspection of suspension, drivetrain exhaust system, fuel and brake lines, and other key components.
  • But don't worry! Your car's Maintenance Minder will indicate which services are required and we will physically check what your Honda specifically needs.

What is B-Sync and how is it different from other Honda dealerships?

B Sync is a service created and developed by Ideal Honda to save our customers time while not compromising the quality of the service. To be able to do both, Ideal Honda has been working hard with outside consultants and experiences from our other companies in the Toyotoshi Group to cut waste (time consumed on items that don't bring value to you) in the process, actually increase time on items requiring more attention, and find ways of doing a lot more by doing a lot less to things that just add time (like wait times for parts required).

Most Honda and for that matter all other car dealerships and service shops traditionally have one technician working on a vehicle. We have worked that way as well in the past and continue to do so for other services. At Ideal Honda's B-Sync team however, our three specialized Honda technicians work "synchronized" to one another; complementing work efficiently that results in a significant reduction in time while improving and ensuring the quality of the work.

How much time am I saving?

  • This depends on what your vehicle may require. Traditionally a B service time ranges from 1 to 2 hours and our B-Sync service can save you half that time.

Why am I being charged for more then 1 hour if my car was finished in only one hour?

  • Our labor hours have not changed but are based on work performed by one technician. Some have a team of 2 working. Because we have three technicians working on the vehicle it normally is calculated as 3 technicians x 1 hour = 3 hours (in terms of labour hours). If only one technician worked on the vehicle it would be 1 technician x 2 hours = 2 hours. However, we only charge of the two hours of work and not three!!

Can I get the "B-Sync" service at any Honda Dealership?

    • No. While all Honda dealerships perform Honda certified maintenances including the "B" services, "B-Sync" was developed and designed by Ideal Honda and is only available in our store.
  • Why? Ideal Honda has spent years perfecting our B service process to cut your wait time, so you can attend to what's important you.

Is there any extra change to get this specialized service completed on my vehicle?

  • No, this service will cost you the same price. No extra charges or hidden fees.

What do I do if I want to get a B-Sync service?

  • We will book a time and day convenient for you.

What can I expect when I get there and should I wait or can I go and come back?

  • When you get there you will be checked in, confirm details with you of the services that may be performed, and approve the work that may be done. Then you can decide to stay and wait in our customer lounge, test drive some new Hondas, or we can take you to the nearest shopping mall and pick you up later. It is entirely up to you.

Can I just come in at any time without booking an appointment?

  • Sure! You can come in without an appointment. However, out of respect to other customers who have booked an appointment, we may not be able to work on your vehicle immediately. We will however, finish the work in half the time from the time we start.

How late can I be?

  • We understand things happen and will accommodate as much as we can and get on the work as fast as we can. Because the work is planned a day before and made to synchronize, if you think you will be late more than 15 min please let us know!

Why do I have to approve work that may not be performed?

    • One reason the work on your vehicle takes time is that during inspection we may find items that require your approval for us to continue the work. The car and technicians wait until we can reach you and often we are unable to do so fast enough (sometimes taking hours) because you are busy carrying out your day! While we can try to reach you (especially if you decide to stay on our premises) we cannot guarantee we can perform the work in half the projected time.
  • At Ideal Honda, the work required always comes from the diagnosis by our technical team and no one else.

Why can't you tell in advance if I need to change something?

  • Vehicles perform under different driving and road conditions and the wear and tear vary and unfortunately it is difficult to set a standard for all. For example, brake pads wear differently based on use and may require replacement or cleaning only but cannot be determined until the brake components are inspected which requires taking them off.

How can I know what parts and why changes were required?

  • Our technical team keeps a record of replaced parts for you to take if you wish and the team will be happy to explain all changes made so that you have the confidence of the work performed.

What services can be performed within the hour with B-Sync?

a) B1 includes:

  • Replace engine oil and filter.
  • Inspect drive belts
  • Service front and rear brakes (remove, clean and lubricate all moving parts)
  • Check parking brake adjustments.
  • Rotate tires, inspect for wear and adjust pressure.
  • Inspect tie rod ends, steering gear box and boots.
  • Inspect suspension components.
  • Inspect driveshaft boots.
  • Inspect brake hoses and lines (including ABS/VSA).
  • Check all fluid levels and condition of fluids.
  • Inspect exhaust system.
  • Inspect fuel lines and connections
  • AVR battery test

Fill out Multi-Point Inspection checklist (51 point inspection)

  • B2: Air and pollen filters
  • B3: Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid replacement/replenish
  • B6: Differential fluid replacement/replenish
  • Front pads and machine rotors OR rear brake pads and machine rotors

Why is it only these services?

  • These services are the most common required services we see every day for which we have worked hard to develop a synchronized service work.

Ideal Honda Mechanical Service

    • Our professional automotive service department offers you unmatched expertise in Mississauga and across the region for the maintenance and repair of Honda and Acura vehicles. Our facility is modern and fully-equipped, our technicians are trained and certified by the manufacturer, and our service is quick and reliable, every time.

Mechanical Service

    • Whenever you're in need of maintenance or repair for your Honda or Acura vehicle, you can count on us to get you a service appointment quickly, provide you with professional and transparent advice, and perform any needed task with expertise and without delay!
  • Ideal Honda's team of experienced and Honda-certified technicians works in a modern, fully-equipped service centre, and we use only original parts and accessories in all work we carry out.

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