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Coverage-Upgradeable plus for Lease

Honda Plus

Honda Plus Upgradeable Plus for Lease Coverage
Upgradeable Plus for Leased Vehicles ("UPL") has been designed to accommodate your vehicle payment schedule, enabling you to purchase it at two separate times.
At the time you lease your vehicle, you can purchase an Upgradeable Plus for Lease (UPL) for 4 years/100,000 km or 5 years/120,000 km (whichever comes first). This is known as the
First Period of Coverage.
Should you purchase your leased vehicle at the end of the First Period of Coverage, you then have the option to add more time (2 years, 3 years or 4 years) and more kilometres (40,000 km, 60,000 km, 80,000 km or 100,000 km). This is called the Second Period of Coverage.
If however, you decide to buy your leased vehicle before the end of the First Period of Coverage and elect to purchase a Second Period of Coverage at that time, you will not lose any time or kilometres. The two periods will provide a combined coverage for a total of 7 years or 160,000 km or 8 years or 200,000 km (whichever comes first). At no time can the combination of the First Period and Second Period be less than or greater than 7 years/160,000 km or 8 years/200,000 km.
Because the UPL Plan is purchased at two separate times without any interruptions to your coverage, it affords you the flexibility to suit your vehicle purchasing needs and provides an easy, affordable way to protect your investment for the long road ahead.
UPL Coverage is identical to Comprehensive Coverage.