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Understanding Lean Vision at Ideal Honda

Understanding Lean Vision at Ideal Honda

Understanding Lean Vision at Ideal Honda

Regularized work techniques

At Ideal Honda, automotive maintenance processes are standardized with the aim of providing the best service in terms of efficiency, time, and cost. The Lean method is used to offer customers automotive service that is twice as fast as the norm. The main objective of this innovative approach is to ensure customer satisfaction by avoiding time losses associated with waiting. The functioning of the Lean method is simple, but it may take some time to implement in branches due to the numerous adjustments required. Continuous improvement requires constant effort and long-term perseverance. In a more traditional environment like the automotive industry, it is a real challenge to implement Lean and completely change work methods.


Persistent striving

Despite the high failure rate and losses associated with trial and error, the Toyotoshi group did not give up. The idea originated from the leather manufacturing industry but was adapted to the field of mechanics to achieve the same efficiency. The determination and patience of the Toyotoshi group have paid off, as the implementation of the Lean method has significantly improved the maintenance service, both for customers and branch workers. There are many advantages for the workers, but one of the most significant differences observed relates to physical efforts. Mechanics, for example, are often required to perform repetitive or physically demanding tasks. To avoid potential health issues faced by mechanics, the Lean method is essential. Teamwork and standardized methods limit movements and maneuvers so that employees focus on the essentials. Thus, the Lean method considerably improves working conditions while enhancing service quality.


Guaranteed gratification

You can experience the benefits of the Lean method by scheduling an appointment at Ideal Honda branch. Thanks to Lean, you will receive the same services as elsewhere but in half the time. Additionally, our reception service stands out due to our well-trained staff who provide excellent advice and the availability of parts at the counter. You can watch the mechanics work on your car throughout the maintenance process. To ensure transparency, the waiting area where you can wait for your vehicle to be ready and the workshop where mechanics handle your car are separated by a large glass window that allows you to see everything. This was designed to offer an interesting and safe experience to customers.


Adequate achievements

Thanks to the Lean method, technicians have a tray containing only what they need during maintenance. For example, you will find the exact number of bolts required and specific tools to perform the task. This minimizes movements and allows mechanics to fully focus on your car. Since all tasks are standardized, the order in which they should be performed is noted. This significantly simplifies the various maintenance processes. Additionally, teamwork is highly important for the Toyotoshi group. Therefore, during your next maintenance, you will notice that mechanics work in teams of two to reduce waiting time.


The level of customer satisfaction proves that the Lean method makes a difference. Whether it's to enjoy the warm and distinguished welcome, reduce waiting time during maintenance, feel confident and transparent, or for other reasons, customers choose our branch. The quality of our services simply remains unmatched. Your first maintenance at Ideal Honda will leave a lasting impression.


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